Corundum silicon carbide brick

Product features: In 2013, our company cooperated with Tsinghua University to develop corundum silicon carbide brick. This product successfully solved the problem of serious mechanical erosion loss in tank bottom impact area and unsynchronized life of tank wall brick, so that iron tank lining can be matched with resistant materials synchronously.

Customer case: since 2013, I have been working in the 120T iron water tank lining (with desulfurization) in the Ironmaking plant of Angang Chaoyang Iron and Steel Co., LTD., increasing the tank age from 350 times to 450 times; (Supporting use) Anshan Baode Iron and Steel Company 140T iron water tank lining (no desulfurization), Anshan Zizhu Group used this product alone, tank age increased from 800 times to 1000 times.