Magnesia carbon brick for electric furnace

Product features: For high temperature electric furnace steelmaking, long time, the liner with low service life of refractory material and steel leakage accidents frequently occur, respectively, to increase efficiency antioxidant lining magnesia carbon brick, furnace bottom whole magnesia carbon knot is expected to increase security layer bottom masonry, strengthen the tapping hole brick washing resistance and improve repairing, comprehensive ShiCe, greatly improve the service life of the whole electric furnace, improve the steel production safety coefficient.

Customer case: The service life of 75T Constanti electric furnace of Anshan Iron and Steel Casting Co., LTD increased from about 160 times to more than 260 times after improvement; The service life of 80T electric furnace lining in Sichuan metallurgical Test Plant has been increased from about 400 times to more than 600 times.